Love in your heart?... Room in your home?... Adopt a child today!


The primary goal of the adoption program is to provide loving, stable and permanent homes to children of all ages who are legally available for adoption. Oakland Family Services believes that bringing families and special children together can be a positive fulfilling choice for everyone involved. We believe that adoption is a service to children. We understand that successful adoption recognizes the importance of the birth family for the child. Our caring, committed adoption staff offers personalized, responsive adoption assistance to families to support them in the decision making about what type of adoption is best for them. 

Who qualifies as an adoptive parent? Any person at least 18 years or older who:

Has a safe and stable home environment

  • Understands the needs of children and can provide love
  • Has good emotional and physical health
  • Couples or single adults may be adoptive parents
  • Adoptive parents may reside in an apartment, mobile home or single family home

Preparation for adoption includes:

  • Full disclosure of information about the child(ren)
  • Information about neglect, abuse and the child welfare system
  • Education about the child’s needs and the special parenting skills required
  • Visits which allow your family to adjust to your new family member


Orientation: Applicants are invited to attend a group meeting where an overview of the adoption process is provided. Information on the legal aspects of adoption, the family and child assessment and the different types of adoption are explained.

Training: Applicants are invited to participate in training to assist in understanding the special needs of an adopted child and becoming prepared for the role of adoptive parent.

Pre-placement assessment: An assessment includes interviews with all individuals who live in the applicant’s home as well as completion of written materials required by the State of Michigan and the court. In the assessment a recommendation for adoption is developed, specifically addressing the type of child the family wishes to adopt.   

Matching: Many applicants are the foster parents or relatives to a child that is already placed in their home. In special needs adoption, an applicant may be matched with a waiting child. Waiting children are frequently school age and older, are members of a sibling group, are minorities and are children who experienced abuse and neglect.

Interstate adoption: Assistance with placement, planning and Interstate Compact procedures may be provided.

If you have an interest in helping to provide for children in our community, please email Oakland Family Services or call (248) 858-7766.