The Fussy Baby program provides home-based educational and
support services to families with a child (birth through 3 years
old) exhibiting difficulties with self-regulation, such as inconsolable
crying, inability to self-calm, difficulty sleeping, eating, and behavior
difficulties. The Infant and Family Specialist comes to your home so that
he or she can fully understand the difficulties and develop strategies that
will be successful in the family’s own environment.

Assessment, service planning, coordination and intervention are offered in a strength-based, family friendly prevention service.  Program services include:

  • Multidisciplinary assessment
  • Developmental education and guidance
  • Early On enrollment, as indicated
  • Service referrals and coordination
  • Video-based interactive coaching
  • In-home services to families in Oakland County



The Fussy Baby program may be right for you if your baby or toddler:

  • Cries a lot
  • Is often fussy or irritable
  • Is easily over stimulated or distressed by sounds, sights and activitiy
  • Does not like to be held, bathed, dressed or cuddled
  • Is hard to satisfy
  • Has trouble falling and staying asleep
  • Does not want to play the usual baby games with you
  • Has difficulty with feelings
  • Has very intense reactions and/or temper tantrums
  • Is a lot more negative or uncooperative than most other children his/her age


The Infant and Family Specialist works with parents and their children so that:

  • They can enjoy each other more, and more often
  • Parents have more ways to comfort and work with their sensitive, challenging youngster
  • Stress for both babies and parents is reduced
  • Parents receive support


What participants are saying about the program…

“Since we have been in the Fussy Baby program, our family has learned more than words can say.  We had no idea that our son’s behavior was due to his speech delay, until this was pointed out by Fussy Baby staff. He can now express himself and is very happy.  If not for our son’s doctor telling us about your program, we would still be a family living in chaos. Thank you.”

“My daughter was crying all the time, and I couldn’t take it anymore. The Fussy Baby program saved my marriage and my daughter and me. At 6 months old, when she looked at me for the first time, it was the best feeling in the world. If OFS hadn’t been available, I don’t know where we would have been. I don’t want to think about it.”


For more information on the Fussy Baby program, please contact Esther Lee at (248) 858-7766 ext. 1209 or elee@ofsfamily.org.

The Fussy Baby program is available through funding from the DeRoy Testamentary Fund and the Jewish Fund.