Early On of Oakland Family Services is the primary provider of developmental assessments and evaluations for all children birth to 3 years old in Oakland County. Eight different areas of development are assessed:  

  • Gross motor (large muscles)
  • Fine motor (how a child uses their fingers and hands)
  • Cognitive
  • Speech
  • Self care (eating and sleeping)
  • Emotions
  • Interactions with others
  • Coping skills 

The first three years of life are critical for brain development and the optimum time for children to develop language skills, muscle coordination, and interpersonal skills. Many children have mild delays in one or more areas of development that can be easily eliminated with directed play activities. Some children have more moderate delays that may require more involved interventions which can significantly reduce the delay so that the children are able to enter school ready to succeed. Other children have disabilities that interfere with their development. Children with an established medical condition may have or be at risk of having a developmental delay.

Children, birth to 3 years old, experiencing any developmental delay, or those with a diagnosed physical or mental condition, which may result in a developmental delay, are eligible for Early On services, at no cost to the family.

A developmental specialist will be assigned to your family based on your home location and your local school district. The evaluation will be completed in your home as we know children are more comfortable in their own surroundings. Parents are always present and participate by answering questions and providing support. A hearing and vision screening also will be completed. It is all very informal, and you can have another adult with you, if you like. 


  • Children with mild to moderate developmental delays that go undetected are likely to underperform academically.
  • Children with mild to moderate developmental delays that are not addressed grow up to have higher incidents of inter-personal conflicts and drug dependency and have fewer skills to support themselves as adults.


For more information about the Early On program, contact Esther Lee at (248) 858-7766 at ext. 1209 or email  at elee@ofsfamily.org

or go to https://oakland.k12.mi.us/families-community/youth-family/early-child/early-on/Pages/default.aspx

You also can complete an assessment on-line at www.1800earlyon.org